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blood glucose meter with FDA


Release date: 2008-05-15

The US FDA reminds you to use a blood glucose test strip that matches your blood glucose meter.
On March 11, 2008, the US FDA reminded users of blood glucose meters that they must use blood glucose test strips that match the blood glucose meter used for testing, and read the instructions carefully before use. Because of the use of mismatched blood glucose test strips for testing, the meter may not display the test results or give false test results, which in turn affects the adjustment of the treatment plan. In addition, such a situation in which the detection result cannot be read or an erroneous result is given may also occur when the blood glucose meter of the same brand and the blood glucose test strip are improperly used.
At present, there are many brands of blood glucose meters in circulation in China. Some test strips have large gaps and cannot be mixed. However, some brands of blood glucose meter test papers are close in size and there is a possibility of mixing. Therefore, the medical staff and patients are reminded to use the blood glucose test strips that match the blood glucose meter to avoid the above situation. ——Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association website

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